Is Pagerank going the way of the dinosaurs?

If you eagerly watch your PageRank bar to check for any tiny little fluctuation in your site's rank, you've probably noticed that it hardly ever changes. Long gone are the days when we used to see PageRank update on a regular basis, and you could make decisions for link building and site health based on what your PageRank was..

But if you aren't seeing your PageRank change at all, does it mean anything in today's SEO world? This is the topic of a new Google webmaster help video.

Johnson Chiropractic

Johnson Family Chiropractic is located in Memphis, TN and serves a wide range of patients and ailments. 

Website "global" meta descriptions: Just say no!

Did I tell you about the time I had a well ranking website that suddenly disappeared from Google altogether? No? Oh, well let me explain the feeling you get when it happens: panicked confusion. You pretty much go through all of the stages of loss. Your top spot was like a relationship that you had worked on really hard, and suddenly she packs her bags and moves to another continent.

A little background on the website: it was a well put together site running on a CMS and had been pretty well SEO’d. Domain authority was good. It had a decent bit of link juice. It was the top result for locally targeted searches for quite a few relevant keywords and had been so for a long time.

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